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Technical parameters
1Rated Speed V:1.0Mm/s-5.0m/s
2Rope tensing force: >=1000N
3Diameter of wire rope:X8
4sheave diameter:X320
Technical parameters
1Rated speed:V:0.25m/s-1.0m/s
2Rope tensing force:>=500N
3Diameter of wirerope:X6
4sheave diameter:X200

Technical parameters
1Rated speed V:1.5m/s-2.5m/s.
2Promote the height H:60-120m.
3Rope tensing force: >=800N.
4Diameter of wire rope:X8mm.
5sheave diameter:X344mm.

1. Rated Speed:0.5m/s-1.75m/s
2. Rope tensing force:>=800N
3. Diameter of wire rope: 8mm
4. Sheave diameter: 241mm
1. Rated Speed:0.5m/s~2.0m/s
2. Rope Tensile Force:>=800N
3. Rope Diameter: 8mm
4. Pitch Diameter of Pulley: 241mm
5. Lift Car Travel:<=80m
Product Introduce:
This overspeed governor is used together with bi-directional safety gear. The down dirction braking is as same as that of the conventional down direction safety gear, the working principle of braking, either up or down, is totally same. The tension device of swing type with eccentric wheel brings much better performance of up direction braking, more reliable and safer. When installing the over speed governor, make sure that the arrow direction on the pulley points to down direction of the lift car. When installing tension device, make sure that eccentric wheel always touches the end of swing arm and the lower pully can only swing downwards.
1. Rated SpeedV:1.0-5.0m/s
2. Rope tensing force:>=1500N
3. Diameter of wire rope: 8mm
4. Sheave diameter: 320mm
1. Rated Speed V:<=3.0m/s.
2. Rope tensing force:>=800N.
3. Diameter of wire rope: 6 ( 8) . mm
4. Sheave diameter: 200, ( 262) . mm
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