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1. Rated speed: a) 1:1 V<=2.5 m/s;
b) 2:1 V<=1.0 m/s.
2. Rated load: a) 1:1 Q=630~1306 kg;
b) 2:1 Q=1400~2000 kg.
3. System mass: a) 1:1 1933~5503 kg;
b) 2:1 3010~6273 kg.
4. Rope diameter: 8~16 mm.
Other specifications for mechanical rope brake:
1. The braking wire travel when the eccentric wheel is released:<=10mm.
2. Releasing force of the eccentric wheel :< =150 N.
3. Tripping distance of the governor: 15~25 mm.
4. Force of the braking wire of governor :> =240 N.
Other specifications for electromagnetic rope brake
1. Rated Voltage: DC 1.24 V;
2. Power:<=50 W;
3. Current:<=3A.

Product Introduce:
This Rope Brake can be used on toothed traction machines as an ascending car over speed protection device. which falls into two types according to the triggering ways, ie. mechanical and electromagnetic. The mechanical rope brake will be used together with bi-directional over speed governors XS12 A and XS12 B. The electromagnetic rope brake can be used together with bi directional over speed governors XS 16, XS18 and XS18A.
The compression springs are used on this rope brake to provide working force, which is enlarged by eccentric wheel and double shank sliding blocks. The two braking blocks move at same time towards the center and clamp the ropes to stop the car safely and hold it still there. The rope brake is compact in structure, convenient to install and the installation angle can be adjusted within 0~45C .
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