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The embosser machine
(Suitable for little characters) PVC card embosser is used to press letters and numbers on the finished PVC card so the card has identifiably. The device is the second generation press. So its accurate location, light weight, Fine-looking, convenient operation and economical price make it to be the necessary device of many fields such as card factories, pring presses, securities business, banks, insurance, shopping centers, clubs and restaurants, etc. High quality heating and cooling elements make both heating up and heating rejecting equably, which avoids the wasters caused by excessive temperature differential because of the cast iron elements.

Technological parameter:
Character choose method: Chrysanthemum turn plate
Character size: International card size
Letters: Capital letters from A to Z
Little fingers: From 0 to 9 pistils
Little punctuations: : , , , ., - , /, ( , ) , £
Big fingers: From 0 to 9
Big punctuations: : 7, - , / ( , )
Space: Two shifted: 1/7 1/10

Press method: manual
Word count: From 1 to 11 rows, can up to 23 rows
Press indication: Indicate needle or mold card
Volume: 340*270*165mm*mm*mm (L*W*H)
Net weight: 8.7kg
Gross weight: 9.5kg