Sell embroidered pashmina/cashmere shawl

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sell offer of embroidered shawl . it can be done in any designs, any color of embroidery thread, in any sized product like shawl, stole , scarf etc. can be done in any quality product like in low quality, high quality or can be in either 70% pashmina /30% silk or in 100% pure pashmina products.
the standard size of shawl is 36inches *80 inches
for stoles it is 28inches*80 inches
for large scarf it is 18inches*80inches
for small scarf it is 12inches*60 inches
and for throw(blanket) it is 45inches*90inches
sizes of the products can be customized according to the demand of customers
Supply Capacity
1000 pcs per month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
refer to details
depends upon the sizes