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Yunnan ethnic groups created different types, patterns and cultures of embroidered shoes in order to pursue a better life from ancient times.
The procedures of making this kind of shoes are very complicated. Firstly, use leaves of dry bamboo shoots to scissor a model of shoe, and then thicken it with second-hand cloth to make multi-layer and covered vamp with embroidered flannelette. There are many kinds types with different patterns that are birds or flowers at most of time, and have wool balls in front of shoes sometimes. At last, sew up the upper and sole of the shoes. Generally speaking, a master woman needs two or three weeks to make an embroidered shoe, and an ordinary woman needs a longer time.
The vamps of shoes are different colored that embroidered flowers with yellow, red and green threads. The sole of shoes are multi-layer which stitched with flaxen thread. so our embroidered shoes are embroidered kinds of pattern by hand, with exquisite workmanship, elegant, frim and endurable.