Sell embroidery thread

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produce rayon embroidery thread, polyester embroidery thread in Raw white on cone and hank, dope-dyed rayon embroidery thread and dope dyed polyester embroidery thread. We adopt the most advanced twisting process called one step twisting method, the thread has less knots (there is no knots in 10000 meters) and broken filament, even twist, more bright and good tenacity, which is suitable for high speed embroidering machine and hand embroidering.

the specifications is as following:
100D/2, 100D/3, 120D/2, 120D/3,150D/2, 150D/3, 200D/2, 200D/3, 300D/2, 300D/3, 450D/2, 450D/3, 600D/2, 600D/3, bright and dull, in 2 ply and 3 ply with different skein length, skein and cone weight and twist required by clients.

We also can produce knitting yarn such as rayon/nylon twisted yarn, 100% rayon dull yarn, nylon thread and etc.