Sell emergency sign lamp

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Adopt fine super bright In-Ga-NLED as light source, long life (60,600hrs) , low power consumption.
The panel of lamp is made of glass or fireproof material. High effective Kanfman, soft light. The luminance of the legend is well distributed,
Switch power, steady performance, and wide range of operated voltage between AC 100-270V, perform well in over load condition.
The IC is designed just for the lamp with intelligent trouble self-diagnosis module.
Automatically, low and high voltage disconnect (LHVD) protects the battery from deep discharged and over charge damage.
Automatically turn to the emergency mode when the AC power fails and charge the batteries (automatically charge with constant current, flatting current) .
LED indicators show the operating statuses (AC power, Emergency mode, Trouble) .
Respond quickly, the lamp can turn to the emergency mode within 0.1 second when AC power fails.
High quality maintenance-free Nickel-Cadmium batter pack.