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We can supply empty hard capsules with different specification and colors with sizes such as 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3# and 4# with advanced printing machines. High technology, high quality and high management is our permanent pursue.

Character: columniform, smooth and clear shell, symmetrical color, flat incision, non-transfiguration, non-stench

Degree of tightness: conglutination, transfiguration and crack are not allowed, the number of leaking powder no more than two

1) Friability: the number of cracked capsule no more than 15: non-cracked
2) Disintegration: <=10min, 9min
3) Sulfite (as so2) : <=200ppm, <200ppm
4) Loss on drying: 12.5-17.5%, 14.8%
5) Ignition: transparent: <=2.0%
6) Semitransparent: <=3.0%
7) Opaque: <=5.0%
8) Heavy metal: <=50ppm, <50ppm
9) Viscosity: >=60mm2/s, 75mm2/s
10) Microbe: bacteria: <=1,000 units/g, <300 units/g
11) Mildew: <=100 units/g, <10 units/g
12) Colibacillus: none, none
13) Conclusion: complies with the standard
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