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Below is a chart to give you an idea of contents and importance of Emu oil.
Emu oil is 100 % natural.
It helps in the healing of wounds, joint pains, muscle aches, hair loss, arthritis, hair fall and can cure almost 106 different kinds of skin diseases it is completely natural product. The oil has no side effects at all but has good medicinal properties and hence is widely used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

1. Emu oil:It is derived from the fat, once
Emu oil comes from a thick pad of fat on the back of the bid that was initially provided by nature to protect the animal from the extreme temperature. The oil derived from the body fat after processing to remove impurities- deodorized and bleached and then subjected to other special treatments to make a stable product. Animal trials indicated that the oil have cholesterol lowering (reduces total cholesterol over 30%; LDL (bad cholesterol by 25%) , anti-inflammatory (reduces inflammation by 42-71%) and transdermal properties.

Physical properties: Color is white to slightly yellow in color, odorless and melts to a clear oil . It is non toxic and non allergenic in its pure form, non irritant to mucus membranes. It is chemically stable in room temperature, It can with stand temperature up to 144 degree centigrade before igniting. It is bacteriostatic in pure form. Emu oil contains naturally a high level of linolenic acid a substance known to ease muscle ache and joint pain and oleic acid which provides a local anti-inflammatory effects. Department of dermatology and bio chemistry at Texas Tech . University health science center discovered the emu oil to be highly penetrating, a good emulsifier, bacteriostatic, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (non pore clogging) . Emu oil is a natural occurring substance replacing liposome used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries which penetrating and can go through the skin barrier carrying any medicines with it.
Biochemistry: It is a mixture of 100% pure fatty acids & a significant source of essential fatty acids of linleic and linolenic acid. Both poly saturated mono-saturated fats are present in this oil. It has omega-3, omega-6 & omega-9 acids.

Table:1.1, Chemical composition of emu oil:

Fatty Acid(%) Emu oil Human skin
Mystiric 0.4 2.1
Palmitic 22.0 22.0
Stearic 9.6 11.2
Palmitoleic 3.5 3.8
Oleic 47.4 30.8
Linoleic 15.2 15.1
Linolenic 0.9 0.3

Some properties of emu oil-

1. Absorbed by the skin easily, no greasy feeling~ a wonderful transdermal carrier for other ingredients in to the skin
2. Helps reduces inflammation & relieve pain ~used for joint and muscle soreness and skin (burns, healing scar tissues) , etc.
3. Moisturizing & emollient~ leaves skin feeling soft, supple and more hydrated
4. Enhance the skin ability to restore cells~ which aids in healing, can reduce scaring~ and may help keep skin looking young
5. Emulsifies ~ so blend easily with other ingredients in lotions, creams, etc.
6. Low irritating potential~ A benign natural oil that soothes rather than irritates.
7. Non-comedogenic~ non pore clogging

Hair care products:
1. 1. Therapeutic shampoo soothing the itching and flaking of psoriasis, seborrhea, eczema and dandruff]
2. Hair & skin conditioner-for stastic, split ends and dry hair; smoothes dry rough skin and is an all purpose moisturizer.
3. Moist in shampoo-for dry and damaged hair.
4. Moisture conditioner-for dry and damaged hair.
5. Salon formula shampoo (with vitamins & protein) -for healthy hair
Lip care: Two flavoured choice used for minor burns, scrapes, cuts, insect bites, chapped skin, achy joints, bruises, etc
Pet care: Pet oil, sampler, soap etc.
Emu oil with aloe vera, Tea tree oil, & vitamin E cures Equine wound & hoof dressing
. Emu oil mixed with oil of wintergreen it is used as massage oil.

The raw oil is also applied to dry leather to regain its suppleness and strength and as a lubricant on firearms.


Y Not Natural Aromaterapy Skin Care Products:
The skin care products are formulated to be the most benificial, purest and safest skin care products in the marketand contain Emu oil in it.
 Pure because they combine the best of science and nature;
 Safe because they have been extensively tested for consumer safety; and benificial because they target the skin where it is needed to provide maxximum benifits.
Formulations that start and finish with herbs, botanicals, and focus on the fundamental basics of cleansing, moisturising and rejuvenating the skin.

List of products:
1. Pure Emu Oil - The quality of the Emu oil is the most penetrative known to mankind. For this very reason it is the most sort after compund in the cosmetic and medical fields as a tradernal carrier and neutral emollient. Emu oil's unique combination of polyunsaturated faty acids has anti inflamatory properties which can penetrate down into muscle and joint tissues. It is also good for arthritis, rheumatism, sporting injuries and tension related muscle soreness. Available with added essential oils like lavender, lemon and lime, Rose Geranium etc. Available in sizes of 60ml, 200ml, bottles or 1,2, or 5 L bulk sizes.
Brand Name
Y not natural emu oil
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2,000 units per month
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30 days
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100 units
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