Sell emulsification machine

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This machine is used for manufacturing paste-like products, applicable to toothpaste, cosmetics, foods and chemistry industries. Available for heating, melting, Homogenizing and emulsifying materials, it is an ideal device for paste-cream products of middle and high grades. This equipment includes oil phase boiler, water phase and emulsifying vessels, operation platform and control tank.

A) With sufficient mill and emulsification for the high adherence (over 50,000 C. P. S. ) ,
the diameter of the emulsified grain can reach 2-5 um;

B) Using vacuum material sucking device with high frequency, simple and convenient

C) The machine can be used for heating, melting, vacuum, homogenizing and cooling;

D) It is made of stainless steel and can be clean and axenic in operation;

E) It is easy for cleaning;

F) The newest shearing and cutting homogenizing machine of non-clearance ceramic can make sure the diameter of the material reach 0.5 um