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I recommed Our patented DIY energy saving lamps products to you here.2LShape 3L-shape and A-shape energy saving lamps, which is specially designed for Europe market, they have the following advantage:
The lamps made in 3 separate parts: Tube, ballast and base, they can be assembled in a whole lamp easily and safely, so the customers can assemble the lamps themselves.


1. Maximize to save cost and resources

. The life of the ballast are several times longer than that of tube , so one ballast can be used with more than 2 tubes, comparing with normal lamps, to use our lamps can save cost and resources to the fullest extent.

. Any of the 3 part doesn't work, you just need to replace the dampged part, no need to buy a new energy saving lamp, so that save the cost and energy resource.

2. Maximize the customer's choice

. The lamp base can be exchanged with E27, E26, E14, B22 easily and simply, one lamp can be used in different holder.

Use our lamps=protecting our environment

. Lamps are Built with a Recyclable Plastic Lamp Base Prevents harmful soldering on lamp base

3. Eases the recycling process

. Rust-proof

Unique in design, innovative, compact and stylish

The lamps designed in unique and more beautiful appearance enhancing the decorative effect in the lighting fixture
4. anti-dumpting duty Free
Finally, because you can buy our lamps in serated parts and then the customer can assemble it by themselves, they are anti-dumpting duty free, which make it more competitive in your market.
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