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The European (EEC) electricity supply is now 230V with a tolerance of +10% to -6%. This means that effective voltage can be anywhere between 216V and 253V depending on local conditions. Most electrical equipment manufactured for Europe is rated at 220V and operates more efficiently at this level. This relationship between stated power supply voltage and actual power supply voltage exists in most places of the world and is therefore not unique to Europe. Voltage supply in the USA and Canada is stated at 120V but also fluctuates by more than the +10% to -6% as found in Europe. Operating electrical equipment at higher than optimum voltages leads to significantly higher energy consumption. Equipment like lighting and motors consume more power at higher voltages.

"A 230V linear appliance used on a 240V supply will take 4.3% more current and will consume almost 9% more energy. (UK Electricians Guide 16th Edition BS7671) "

What does the PropSava do?

Reduces energy costs by up to 17% by optimising the electricity supply voltage and also reduces carbon emissions by the same amount.
Protects electrical and electronic equipment from spikes and surges.
Lowers maintenance costs on electric motors ( such as refrigerator and freezers, air
conditioners, washing machine, etc. ) , lighting (all types) and all other domestic and office electrical equipment.
Lowers operating temperatures of motors and lighting.
Prolongs the life of electrical components through reduced voltage and electrical stresses.
Suppresses harmonics that can damage sensitive electronic equipment.

PropSava and Security of Supply:

A PropSava will optimise the power supply to the entire electrical load of a property because
it is installed at source. The PropSava has been designed with no moving parts. Voltage optimisation and power quality improvement is achieved through magnetic fields only, and the unit is as reliable as the incoming power supply itself. The unit requires no maintenance, is guaranteed for 10 years and will last for 25- 40 years. The PropSava has been field tested for two years and is efficient across its entire operating range.

What the PropSava does for Lighting:

Lighting loads tend to be switched on for a large proportion of the time, so savings on lighting equipment are very valuable.

"A 230V bulb used at 240V will achieve only 55% of its rated life. (UK, IEE Electricians Guide) "

The efficiency of any type of lighting will be improved by bringing it to the correct voltage, including systems with resistive or reactive ballasts. Fluorescent lighting will run even more efficiently when supplied with the correct voltage - the PropSava delivers all these improvements automatically. Lighting controllers and ballasts are also responsible for generating high levels of harmonic distortion. With the PropSava Harmonic Filters this is corrected. Even lighting controllers can be improved and sensitive equipment is protected.

The Environmental benefits of the PropSava:

Under the Kyoto Protocol, many countries are committed to cutting their carbon emissions by up to 12.5% below 1990 levels. Over-voltage is an under-publicised cause of power supply inefficiencies. The PropSava can reduce emissions by up to 17%. We estimate that up to 90% of European businesses suffer from over-voltage and would save energy by installing a PropSava. The contribution towards Europes carbon-cutting effort over the coming decades will be substantial. In addition, a PropSava prolongs the operating life of electrical equipment, reducing non-recyclable waste.

PropSava Savings:

Based on the UK national average voltage (242V) , the average optimisation level of a PropSava is 8%, this typically produces power consumption in Kilowatt per hour savings of 13%. However, as the supply voltage does vary slightly across the country and each site will have different power consumption, savings can be seen between 10 - 18% on around 90% of UK homes and offices. Slightly lower figures can also be achieved in Europe with the average optimisation level at 6%, Kilowatt per hour savings of 9%, savings can be realised between 8 - 12% on around 70% of European homes and offices.


A qualified electrician must be used to make the installation of the PropSava. The PropSava can be installed inside or if outside the property, in a waterproof box system, as near as possible to the electric meter. Normal internal installation could take up to 1 hour.

Safety Certification:

The PropSava device is CE marked, and complies with EN55022, EN55024, 61000-3-2, 61000-3-3, IEC60950. It is also undergoing UL/cUL listed product status for North America (UL 508,

Industrial Control Equipment) , and also undergoing Japanese (PSE/GSL) and NATA (Australian and S. E. Asian) and CCC (China) accreditation.



Capacity in VA (Watts: 23KVA
Phases: Single Phase
Regulation: Digital control Contactless Regulation (compensated) .

Voltage: 230V +/-15% 50Hz
Current: 115A max
Circuit breaker rating: 160A 230/400VAC

Normal mode: 220V +/-1% 50Hz
Optimize mode: 215V +/-1% 50Hz
Current: 105A max
Power efficiency: >=97%
Response time: 20ms
Output wave: Sine wave, Waveform distortion less than 0.4%.


Over voltage: yes
Over load: yes
Over load: yes
By-pass: Automatic/ Manual

EMC and Safety:
EMC: EN61000-6-1, EN61000-6-3, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3
LVD: EN61558-2-12


Display: Digital meter shows output voltage and power
Cooling: Temperature controlled, low noise, long life
Working temperature: <=65
Design Life: 10 - 15 years subject to 10 year Service.
Ambient temperature: -15-40C


Dimensions: 500mm x500mm x600mm
Weight: 103Kg
Enclosure: IP22 for in house, IP66 for outside
Feet: 4 wheels
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
1,000 units per month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
35 x 50 x 52
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
110 or 240 volts, 50/60hz
Patents or Trademarks
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
FOB Shenzhen
Warranty Coverage
5 years on labour, 10 years on parts