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This energy-saving pvc windows (European standard Turn & Tilt PVC Windows/Doors) have been a popular choice of window in many countries because of their perfect appearance and excellent performances.

Information of our thermal-break pvc windows:
1. Main Advantages of windows
1.1 Energy Efficient
1.2 Safety
1.3 Acoustical & Heat Insulation
1.4 Guarantees long life
1.5 European Standard & High Quality

2. Main Components of Product
2. 1 Profile system HSP70: Newest Design from 2004 according to European standard and advanced technology, made in China, white, 5-chamber and 3-sealing.
2. 2 Glass system: 26mm total thickness (5mm-16A-5mm Low-E)
Glass from Lisec Shanghai, a 100% manufactured from Lisec Austria
2. 3 Hardware system: Made in Austria from MACO or made in Germany from ROTO

3. Performance index of window
3. 1 Acoustical insulation: 36 dB
3. 2 K (U) -value of window: 1. 80 w/ m2. K
3. 3 Wind resistance: 5000 pa
3. 4 Air permeability: 0. 1 m 3 /h. M
3. 5 Water tightness: 500 pa

4. Inward with Turn & Tilt windows/Inward casement window
Supply Capacity
1200 Units per Month
Available Colors
customized color
customized sizes