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The item is made of seven filter systems through thirteen filterations.
A. Nanometer germproof ceramic: 0.9um precision ceramic filter element removes the mud, the particle and the disease germ effectively. The filter life is 2500 Gallon.
B. Active Carbon of positive ion change resin: Positive ion resin filter element changes the hard water into the softened water, at the same time, isolates the heavy metal, the radiation material and chemistry residuum. The filter life is 3000 Gallon.
C. KDF active carbon: KDF + Carbon filter removes 96% above residual chlorine in the water, effectively eliminate many kinds of heavy metal ions and the strong oxide compound, and suppress multiplying of the fungus, the dirt, algae. The filter life is 2500 Gallon.
D. Ceramic mineralized ball: Bio-ceramic filter: The running water which produces through the emission remote infrared ray is easier to absorb by the human body, promotes metabolism, enhances vigor, improves body circulation, and promotes the immune system function. The filter life is 2 years.
E. Granule active carbon: Highly effective coconut activated carbon filter element eliminates residual agricultural chemicals, chemistry and organic pollutant in high efficiency in water, dechlorinates the heterochrosis, the unusual smell, causes the water to be sweeter deliciously, simultaneously kills, and suppresses the bacterium and microorganism's reproduction. The filter life is 3000 Gallon.
F. Coconut shell active carbon: Sinter activated carbon filter element eliminates the harmful carcinogen in the water, the industry pollutant, the toxin and other deleterious substances, adsorbs impurity and eliminates residuum. The filter life is 3000 Gallon.
G. Nanometer germproof ceramic: 0.2um precision ceramic filter element insures save at the water microorganism, at the same time, promotes to sterilize and to suppress the fungus potency greatly. The filter life is 2500 Gallon
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ehealth or OEM
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3000 sets/month
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30-40 days
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OEM 500sets
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L/C at sight, T/T
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one week