Sell enriched soybean protein powder

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Enriched soybean protein powder
Product specifications
Protein 65% min
water 7% max
total fat 1% max
ash content 4%max
fibre 4% max
colour yellow or milky white
Granularity 100 -150
eye under a bad total30000 / pH max
value 6.3-6.8 grams

Feed-grade enriched soybean protein is developed specifically for the production of animal feed industry. This product is a world-class production facilities and the unique technical support Israel for non-genetically modified soya made in China after installing anti-nutritional factors and solubility sugar and produce quality stable high-protein feed materials. Soya protein is enriched by domestic non-transgenic soybean produced a pure natural plant high-protein products, products of acid content is extremely abundant, fresh after animals absorption rates, while the goods-nutritional factors content very low, no other smell, tasty, especially applicable to suckling pig, aquatic products, calf, pet feed added, particularly useful for young zoo growth.
Product applications : Suckling pig rearing stage in the most stress of weaning period, if in the meantime Siyong quality protein feed can reduce stress, thereby improving the survival and feeding Zizhu efficiency; Zizhu protein feed requirements palatable for good, digest utilization high protein soybean enrichment is the best choice, since it not only 40cc of high protein content. and anti-nutritional factors, it is difficult to digest the impact of fiber and digest the bacteria content Zizhu are extremely low, the growth will not be affected suckling pig. In addition, soybean protein enriched with excellent Zhili characteristics. Its nature is to make it palatable to the insertion of the crowd.
Aquatic : soybean protein has been found to be enriched in excellent fish and shrimp feed plant protein sources. Because it antigen levels, ash content, low phosphorus content, such as fish meal containing high levels of biological amine, and have excellent Zhili identity. Add soy protein can make an enrichment for species survival and the maintenance of normal animal growth, without affecting feed use efficiency.
Calf : calf of the digestive system for milk protein, but its expensive. Therefore calf feed producers are always looking for high-quality, low-cost, easily the bottle. Soybean protein enriched calf rearing has become a best option, because it has powder and suspended in aqueous solution, strong, because of low-nutrition, low iron content,
Xiaohualu: Higher characteristics.