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To improvement in the nutritive quality of feedstuffs and the reduction in environmental pollution are however not the only benefits associated with the use of feed enzymes, other benefits include increased accuracy and flexibility in least-cost feed formulations, decreased variability of feed ingredients and improved performance of animals, the main goal is financial gain

(1) Improved gut health, reduce the incidence of bacterial diarrhea
(2) Increase poultry's digestibility to nutrients of the diet, decrease the nutritional diarrhea.
(3) The enzyme combinations also can increase the nutrient availability from nutritionally marginal diets, especially with regards to metabolisable energy; meet the need of fast growth.
(4) It can decompose the INSP which can eliminate the blocking between nutrients and digestive enzymes.
(5) It can decompose the INSP which can decrease the digesta viscosity and weaken the direct inhibition of the endogenous digestive enzyme, so as to reduce the adverse effect to their performance.
(6) Reduce formulating costs by using less expensive ingredients without change desired outcome
(7) Reduce environmental impact

We also can produce complex enzyme according to our customer's own formula.

Singe enzyme is also available. They are
Phytase, Xylanase, Cellulase, Pectinase, Protease, glucoamylase, mannanase etc