Sell enzymes

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Food type: enzyme is suitable for man, woman, the old and children.
Health type: Liver -protection enzyme which won liver health care license certified by the Beijing Ministry of Health. Hypoglycemic enzyme and blood lipid  lowering enzyme
Medicine: AIDS inhibit enzyme. Diabetes inhibit enzyme. Pineapple enzyme is applied in inflammation diminishing ointment and has been on stream.
Cosmetic: Whitening mask, anti-wrinkle cream and skincare cream.
Agriculture: Improvement for acid and alkaline land. For biological and organic fertilizer production. Liquefied biological fertilizer. Decomposing pesticide residual on the leaves of vegetable and fruit. Fresh maintaining for fruit.
Aquiculture: Application in aquiculture, decompose the overabundant organic material in the water and land of pond to nutrition so as to help the growth of fishes and shrimps.
Treatment of waste water: Put enzyme in the end procedure of waste water treatment works to meet the National standard of discharge of BOD and COD.
Odor removing: Using enzyme to remove the odor let from drain pipe of garbage in short time.