Sell ethanol

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1- Products :
a. Ethanol ANHYDROUS, to mix with car gas, 99.8% pure alcool.
b. Ethanol HYDROUS, to use as it is by cars.

2- Quantity :
a. Minimum per delivery : 5.000m3

3- Frequency :
a. Monthly delivery
b. Other request for frequency will be studied, case by case

4- Certification :
a. The brazilian Ethanol, Anhydrous or Hydrous, is submitted to severe measures of quality control. The ANP(Agencia nacional do Petroleo) is in charge to lead the process of control of quality.
b. We recommend to the Customer to appoint its own agent to certify the quality, as well as the volume of the merchandise, at the port of shipping.

5- Delivery process :
a. Product is delivered F. O. B (Free On Baord) , to the port of shipping
b. Other request for delivery, as CPT (Carriage Paid To) for example, will be studied, case by case
c. We recommend to the Customer to use the service of a trading Company of its country, well aware of the shipping procedure of oil or alcool products
d. Product is loaded in the ship 5 to 8 days after reception of the contract.

6- Price : please contact us