Sell eva film for solar panels

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EVA film for solar cell encapsulation is a kind of copolymer polymerized with Ethylene and Vinyl Acetate and added certain chemical impregnant, which is produced by thermo-processing machine and appears as thin film. The film is not viscid in normal temperature so it is convenient to be cut. When encapsulating solar cell modules, you should first put the glass, EVA, cell, EVA and TPT together in term of the order of up to down, and then put them into the laminator which has been warmed up to solidify; after laminating, please set aluminium frames and make into package, so a solar module plank is formed. EVA film is an important main material for solar cell which capability will affect the modules power and life. For ensuring the validity of solar module can reach more than 20 years, you should choose the best laminating condition and processing to ensure make out a wonderful solar module.