Sell evaporative air cooler  TY-D1810BP

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1. Environ mently Friendly :T-Yong Air cooler is to cool and humidify air by water evaporation
to absorb neat while traditional air compressor will give off pollution and destroy the Ozone
layer in the Atmosphere.
2. Energy saving : Take the Air Flow 18000 m3/n. for example, T-Yong Air Cooler output is
1.1kw , the occupied area is 100-150m2 , the electricity comsamption will be abort one degree
while covering 150 m2, if we use tradition al air compressor , it will use up 10degree electricity.
Energy consumed only 10%.
3. Cooling:Cooling speed of T-Yong is quicker an that of air compressor If we use T-Yong air
cooler , 10minutes after being started , if will have abvious good effect , while using air com-
pressor , if will take more time. For dry area , using T-Yong Air Cooler can protect air from dry.
And Air compressor will make the dry area more dry when if works.
4. Air convection (Air exchange) : To keep the indoors temperature invariable , we have to
close doors and windows when using air compressor . It results in bad air and make workers
faint and headache , while using T-Yong Air Cooler , we dont need to close them and we can
let cool air in , hot air out keep the room fresh cool.
5. When it will be complicated to install an air compressor. because we have to install some
other units , such as cooling tower , water pamp and so on . All these must be done by
michanicals, while T-Yong Air Cooler is easy to install.
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