Sell evaporative air coolers

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1. Sino-Australian joint venture, professional with the international quality.
2. Reasonable system design, good match between the evaporating area and the air volume to ensure a optimal temperature decrease effect (lowered to 5-lot at the normal condition)
3. Technology introduced from Sweden with imported raw materials to produce the core part of the evaporative air conditioner-evaporating filter net, ensuring a high-efficiency temperature dropdown capacity with the permeation efficiency up to 90%.
4. Adoption of high-quality fully-enclosed motor with the frame provides a good heat radiation, high protection level and stable temperature increase, waterproof and damp proof, beautiful in design and durable
5. Self-developed wing-type impeller special for the evaporative air conditioner is able to provide a big wind volume with low noise.
6. The detachable filter net frame to ensure the convenience for maintenance and cleaning.
7. The unique open-type water distribution system ensuring that the water supply will not be blocked.
8. Automatic periodic cleaning function can ensure clean water by periodically cleaning the water tank and removing dusts. This design can provide you with a better cooling effect prolong the service life of the filter net and greatly reduce the workload on maintenance.
9. Water level protection design for the pump ensures that the pump will not be damaged if the water is short supply.
10. This machine multifunction such as cooling, ventilation and dust removal, and various types are available for your choice to satisfy the requirement for use in different places.

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