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Main features:
1, High heat transfer efficiency realized for the heating system even heated with steam and feed liquid in flow evaporate The equipment has smaller energy consumption. Steam consumption and cool water circulation amount if equip with heat pressure pump.
2, Feed liquid evaporated while accelerated flow downward along the pipe wall that suitable for evaporation and concentration of high viscosity material
3, Liquid heat in very short time for it inner film evaporated in every tube That make the equipment very fit food concentration can maximum protect food nutritious.
4, Whole process operated under vacuum condition Which meet the sanitary requirement and environmental protection requirement. Meanwhile can significantly reduce the evaporation temperature. If equipped with heat pressure pump, part of second steam will be re-inhaled and mixed with live steam . Steam pass through pump spray into heating shell, steam rapidly spread make liquid soft heated, is very suitable for concentration of heat sensitive products.
5, Equipment suitable for evaporation and concentration of foaming material Liquid film evaporated in heating tube formed liquid-vapor separate. The most amount of feed liquid extracted from the bottom of cylinder. Only small amount of feed liquid and all second steam enforced to separate Feed liquid not in big impacted no foam formed in the whole process.
6, Equipment can also sterilize food Feed liquid flow to sterilizer after preheated. Temperature up to 940and lasting for 24 seconds. Then flow into first stage. Liquid evaporate in few seconds then temperature drop at once.
7, Can equip with CIP cleaning system, achieve clean in spot. Completed set operated easy without dead angle.
8, Can continuous feed material and discharge material.
9, Can equip with automatic system, achieve automatic control of inter and outlet material, discharge viscosity and cleaning. Can equip with protection facilities in case of suddenly blackout, break down which will cause trouble with heat sensitive products other safeties, alarm facilities can achieve automatic operate and control