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Expandable Graphite(EG) belongs to a group of products called intumescents. The main property of intumescents is their ability to expand when heated. During the recent ten years, great progress had been achieved regarding the application of expandable graphite in flame retardant materials. Our plant has a long history to manufacture expandable graphite with an excellent quality. The carbon content is from 80% to 99.9%. The expansion volume is up to 300ml/g. This grade graphite can be used as a flame retardant, foam products, coating, plastic/metal(Al) composite board, bitumen roof sheets and anti-fire ring, etc.

Advantages of our expandable graphite:
No heavy metals;
Halogen free;
Not soluble in water and other solvents;
Smoke reduction and reduction of toxic gas;
Reduced HRR;
Improved thermal conductivity;
ynergism with other halogen-free flame retardants;
SET between 150 and 300 degree C.
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