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Expanded metal is a unique material with a fascinating production process that can turn ductile metal into thousands of varieties of mesh. The process of stretching and slitting gives the well known traditional diamond shaped pattern. As well as a large range of decorative shaped meshes. This can vary in diamond size. From minute gauze to massive walkway.

higher strength-to-weight ration than sheet metal. Hard to believe but tested and true. By expanding metal from its solid sheet form additional strength is added. This makes mesh ideal for catwalks, ramps, walkways and platforms. The uncut knuckles of expanded mesh withstand stress better than welds or joints.

anti-slip surface. The knuckles formed by expanding mesh give sound grip underfoot, particularly beneficial when used in pedals, ramps and walkways. We have also developed a range of specific anti-slip walkway meshes.

premium reinforcement properties. Expanded metal mesh can be combined with other materials to give products added strength. For example, glass, plastics and other composites can be either incorporated into, or attached to, meshes for increased strength and security purposes or aesthetics.

highly efficient conductor. Electricity, magnetic flux and heat can all flow through expanded metal mesh, as there is a continuous connection throughout each sheet. There are no breaks or welds because the mesh has been formed from a single piece of metal.

Application: used in pedals in construction, boat, bridge, boiler; used as reinforcing bar in solidifying of cement and in light duty construction material; in heat radiating and air ventilating covers of various vehicles and air compressor; in protecting covers of machines etc.
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