Sell expanded vermiculite

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Exfoliated vermiculite in the process of high temperature roasting, they can expand many times, and the average density of the expanded vermiculite is about 100-130kg/m3, they have small air separation layer, so they are good construction materials of heat preservation, thermal insulation sound absorption, and corrosion proof, and also industry loading material, coating, anti-fire materials. Expanded vermiculite is extensively used in many industries such as construction, metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, machinery, electric power, petroleum, environment protection communication, transportation and horticulture.
Main applications:
1. Construction materials: light materials such as light concrete materials, light calcimine and light mortar.
2. Heat resisting material: wall materials, anti-fire board, anti-fire mortar, firebrick, and brake linings.
3. Heat preservation, thermal insulation and sound absorption materials: underground pipeline, heat preservation material used in hothouse pipeline, decoration material used in upholstery and tunnel, also wall and ceiling in the public.
4. Metallurgy: steel frame cladding materials, removal of slag when manufacture of iron and foundry
5. Agriculture, forestry and horticulture: golf course lawn, seed preservation agent, soil regulation agent, wetting agent, plant growth agent, feed additives, horticulture mixture, fishing and bait.
6. Other aspects: adsorptive material, filter aid, active carrier of chemical and chemical fertilizer, sewage treatment, adsorption of seawater oil pollution, cigarettes filter and explosive density regulators.
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