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Alone angle explosion-proof tube, also calls Rapid-start and instant-start fluorescent lamp. It has overcome the traditional fluorescent lamp starts when produces when electric spark as well as use to the periphery electric appliance disturbance. Uses for parts the corresponding ballast . The characteristic of Explosion -Proof Lamp are explosion-proof, strong lifetime, start-up quick, It is convenience to repairing and fixing, reliability and so on. Explosion-proof products are used wherever there is danger of an explosion caused by flammable gases, vapors or dust mixing with air or oxygen. Locations for usage are areas where there is a risk of explosion, including chemical facilities, fire departments, petroleum departments, drugs manufacture, coal mine, the war industry est.
Our company first batch obtained the explosion-proof certificate in 2003, is the senior explosion-proof lamp manufacturer
Specifications:YZ20RR/W YZ40RR/W YZ100RR/W
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Packaging: standard paper carton
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