Sell explosionproof portable search light

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1. secuirity property: this product has got the authentication of national explosiove-proof authority. with tlameproof type highest explosive proof grade and good effect of anti-static, it can work in kinds of explosive and inflammable places.
2. working performance: light source adopts special high temperature LED with energy-consuming less, soft spotlight. for strong light, luminous flux is 1200Lm, projecting distance is 600m and continuous working time is 1.5 hour. while for working light, luminous flux is 600Lm, and its lighting duration of consecutive is not less than 3.5 hours.
3. comprehensive function: high-energy and emmory-free battery has a large capacity, a long service life, no pollution, low self-discharge rate. it can work long time underwater 200m. enclosure applied with high hardness alloy prevent striking and collision.
4. intellectual protection: intellectual charger is instaaled protective circuit in case of mal-operation. lock up the switch when not in use. self-lock back cover when normally use.
5. convenience: adopt pulse adjusting light ecchnology, strong light and working light can change easily. portable worn acr4ossshoullder carrying ways are available with aesthetic appearance.