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Sulfur Black BR200%
Colour Index: C.1. Sulfur Black 1(53185)
Original Name: Sulfur Black
Properties: Bright black flake-granular. It is slightly insoluble in water. It is soluble in sodium sulfide with a green-black colour.
Composition: Dinitrochlorbenzne by hydrolysis then sulfurates with sodium polysulfide, and then oxidized.
Main characteristics:
Appearance: Black flake-granulars
Strength: 20013 of the standard
Shade: Near to the standard
Alkali insolubles: <=0.7%
Water content: <=6%
Content of alkali insolubles: <=0.5%
Main colouring force: Dye strength:6%
sun shine wash-fastness sweat rub iron
colour change stained colour colour change stained change dry wet
6 3-4 4 4 4-5 2-3 1-2 4
Main use: For dyeing on cotton fabrics, fibre fabrics and blended fabrics of cotton and fibre.
Check method: Check the dyeing strength and shade.
(1) Based on GB2374-80 are the specification and density of the chemicals, the compounding of the dyestuff, the specification of the fibres and the general conditions of dyeing.
(2) The dye strength is 1.5%. Dyeing with 42s double heads of fine-blenching cotton yarn.
Package: In the sealed plastics-lined iron drums of 50kg net each.
Storage and transportation: Keep at a dry place with dampproof.
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in 20-30 days
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