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Supply of the Complete Blown Film Plant
with 65 mm dia Screw suitable
for maximum output of 60 KGs.

1. Extruder
2. Screen Changer
3. Sheet die
4. Take off Unit



Material (Screw / Barrel) : EN 41B, Gas Nitrated, Hardness: 65 RC
L/d ratio: 28:1 for Main & 26:1 for Co Extruder
Screw speed - rpm: 20 - 120
Max. Output 125, 90 & 90 KG/hr for HIPS, PP & A-PET
Screw Type: Barrier type with special mixing zone
Barrel Cooling: Jacketed water cooling on feeding zone &
Blower cooling on heating zones
Hopper: 50 Kg capacity for Main & 15 Kg for Co with sight glass, emptying chute, shut off slide & lid
Type of Barrel Heaters Ceramic Band Heaters with digital temperature controllers

Main Extruder Piston Type
Co Extruder Lever Type

TWO LAYER FEED BLOCK: receives material from two extruders
(HIPS +GPPS) & feeds to the T die

Die type: "T"
Die lip width: 680 mm
Die Material: high-grade hot work alloy steel.
Sheet width (after trimming) - mm: 650
Sheet thickness - mm: 0.2 - 1.5
No of heating zones: 3
Deckling locking, each side 50 mm
Flow surface: hardened, hard chrome plated and polished to mirror finish and completely flash chrome plated
Gearbox Helical with thrust bearing


No of Rolls 3 (1 fixed & 2 moving)
Chrome roller diameter (mm) : 250
Chrome roller face width (mm) : 720
Line speed - meters/ min. : 1 to 18
Roller cooling systems: water
Flow Channels Spiral
Roller Vertical Movement Pneumatic
Material of Rolls EN 19, Hardened to 65 RC, hard chrome plated, ground & mirror super finished to less than 1 RA


Type Constant Torque with 2 Stations
Pulling roller diameter (mm) : 100
Material One Rubber & another Hard Chrome Plated
Line speed - meters/ min. : 0 to 10
Side Trimming Unit 2 stainless steel blades with guide rollers.
Clutch Mechanical


Main Extruder: 20 HP AC
Co Extruder 5 HP AC
Calendar Roller: 2 HP AC
Nip Roller 0.5 HP AC


Main Extruder 30 HP of Lenze, USA makes
Co Extruder 5 HP of Lenze, USA make
Roller 2 HP AC


65 MM Barrel 2 KW Band HeaterX4 Zones of 2 Heaters=16 KW
30 MM Barrel 500 W Band Heater X 6 Nos = 3 KW
Piston Screen Changer 350 W Cartridge Heater X 4 Nos = 1.4 KW
Lever Type Screen Changer 1 KW Band Heater X 2 Nos = 2 KW
T Die 500 W Cartridge Heater X 13 Nos = 6.5 KW


Drive Lenze, USA
Contactors GE
Push Buttons Technique / Rass
MCB Protec (Telemechanic)
Connectors El Max
Ampere & Volt Meter Meco / Beemet
Heaters Excel
Gearbox Sudarshan Gears / Anand


Power Supply 415 V +/- 5%, 50 C/S +/- 3%, 3 Phase
Air Compressor 2 HP
Chilling Plant 5 T with 3 Tanks
Connected Load 50 KW
Space Required 7 M X 3 M X 2 M (LWH) Approx