Sell fabric surface Jacquard crocketing loom

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SGD-1700S fabric surface Jacquard crocketing loom is useful to emboider diverse laces for special Jacquard fabrics, such as window curtain fabric, table & towel fabrics, bedding articles, finished garments and different type laces and is a perfect supporting equipment for the knitting and garment-making industries. This machine boasts a simple operation and easy maintenance. All the different laces are obtained by controlling the weft yarns through diversified arrangements of the pattern chain plates.

Technical parameter

Technical DataOperational breadth: 1700mm

Gauge needles per inch: 10, 15

Weft Bars: 6 barsStandard

EquipmentControl device: 1 set

Motor: 1 unit

Finished Product Collecting Roller: 1 set

Fabric Tension Controller: 1 set

Fabric Moving Device: 1 set

Standard AccessoriesBearded Needle(G2) : 500 pcs

Weft Guide Tubes: 500 pcs

Warp Needle: 500 pcs

Dropper: 600 pcs

Link Chain: 1 set

Tool: 1 set

Devices onRequestCreel For 520 Bobbins: 1 set

Dimensions and WeightsNet Weight of Machine: 1250 kg

Net Weight of Creel: 235 kg

Weight of Machine and Crate: 1650 kg

Weight of Creel and Crate: 320 kg

Crate of Machine: 3330W1270W2170 mm

Crate of Creel: 2860W750W290 mm