Sell facial mask for beauty

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for Whitening & Moisuring

Contained with various essences in vigor, it can add the moisture and nourishment to skin, clean darkness and pigmentation, strengthen skin cell's activity. For long term's using, it can repress melanin, strengthen skin sheen, create pure brightness from inside to outside, increase skin elasticity and clean & whiten skin.

Antarticine, Mulberry white skin essence, Red Seaweed, Water-soluble vitamin C, Chamomile, Collagen, HA & NMF Hydrate component.

Using method:
Spread and stick the film to in face for about 20 minutes, then sweep face and clean with
clean water. 2-3 times every week.

please stop use it immediately, if having unwell reaction.

Each slice contains 25g essencial liquid that has functions of whitening and moisturizing. (100% Cotton Weaving Mask)