Sell fake fur fabric

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1) Supply faux fur (artificial fur, fake fur) fabric
2) Mink fur, Mink plush, Imitated rabbit fur, High pile plush, Clipping and craving, printing plush etc.
3) Good hand feeling, looks like real fur.
4) Composition: Acrylic, polyester or combination of the two.
5) Numerous styles, including seal, mink, leopard, fox, chinchilla, rabbit etc.
6) Favorable price
DALIAN EVERRICH FUR GARMENT CO. , LTD is a leading fur garment and accessories manufacturer and exporter in China, carrying a fine line of high quality, luxurious genuine fur and faux fur in a broad range of furs such as: Mink, Fox, Rex Rabbit, raccoon, chinchilla and many others.

Business Scope:
Genuine Fur:
1)100% genuine mink fur garment, 100% genuine rabbit fur garment.
2) Fur trims: fox trimming, blue fox trim, blue frost trim, raccoon trimming, rabbit trimming and many other fur trimmings.
3) Fur raw materials: fur skin, fur plate, fur scrap.
4) Fur Collar: mink fur collar, blue fox fur collar, chinchilla fur collar, raccoon fur collar, rabbit fur collar etc.
5) Various kinds of fur Scarves and Shawls, Fur Capes.

Fake Fur:
1) Imitate Mink fur; 2) Mink plush; 3) Imitate rabbit fur; 4) High pile plush; 5) Clipping & craving; 6) Water drop high pile plush; 7) spray printed fake fur; 8) Printed Plush