Sell farrowing crate and pig stall

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Farrowing System
Complete farrowing systems include:
1) Galvanized or powder coated farrowing crates
2) Strong stainless or plastic sow feeders
3) Floors of plastic and cast iron combination
4) Fiberglass beams or galvanized steel beams
5) Ready made strong PVC dividing panels (20mm or 35mm)
6) Galvanized corner posts and hardware
7) Stainless steel water pipes and nipple waterers for sows
8) Stainless steel water pipes and nipple waterers, and stainless steel water cups for piglets.
pig stall
In different period pig has different request to the entironment. Well designed gate equipment provide the pigs with a comfortable entironment to lessen sickness and increase piglet survival rate. It is convenient to be operated and managed.
Major gate equipment designed by our company including: hog gate, farrowing gate, piglet gate, gestation stall and boar gate etc. Different requirements from different customers can be met.