Sell fasteners and screws

fasteners and screws You May Also Be Interested In: concrete screw fasteners screws furniture screws nylon wall plug sheet metal screws
We always ready to provide standard or nonstandard products. Here we would like to
Show our main screws products as follow:

1. Drywall screws
2. Chipboard screws
3. Tapping screw
Din 7981/7982/7983 series
Modify truss head
Pan framing head
Ifi sheet metal screws series
Concrete screw
Window screw
4. Wood screw
Din 95/96/97
Din 7995/7996/7997
Ifi f56-61 series
Bs 1210 series
5. Machine screw
Din 931/933
Din 7985/603/roofing
Ifi machine screw series
Bs machine screw series
Thread rod series
6. Self-drilling screw
Din 7504npk series
Ifi series
Roofing screw
Modify truss head
Pan framing head
Drywall tek
Window tek screw
7. Furniture screws
Confirmat screw
Euro screw
8. Anchor
Nylon nail anchor
Nylon wall plug
Metal frame anchor
Wedge anchor
Drop in anchor
Hollow wall anchor
Sleeve anchor
Ceiling anchor/easy anchor
9. Nail
Iron nail
Concrete nail
Roofing nail
10. Blind rivet
11. Washer and nuts

If you are interested in ones of them, please give the detail spec and quantity of products to us. We will do our best to provide good service to you.