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Product name:phytase

Chemical name:Myo-inositol-Hexaphosphate phosphohydrolase

Phytase activity :min. 5000 U/g
Appearance :light yellow pellet, free-flowing
Loss on Drying : <=10%
Particle Size:30-60Mesh
Bulk Sensity:59g/mL
Packaging:20kg paper bag with a PE liner

Definition of phytase activity:
One unit of phytase activity ( U ) is defined as the quantity of enzyme which releases 1 micromole of inorganic phosphorus per minute from 5.0 mmol/L sodium Phytate at pH 5.5 and at 370.

Method of application and notices:
1. Please balance calcium quantity with calcium source after decreasing the amount of dicalclum phosphate in feed.
2. Please dilute by other feed ingredients before mix together.
3. Please add 15-25% safe quantity according to actual operation when pelleting temperature above 750.
4. Please keep pelleting temperature below 850 .

Storage: Kept in dry, cool, ventilated place.

Shelf time: 12 months under room temperature

Advice Addition (Per ton formula feed) :

Feed Type
Laying hen
Laying duck