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Main components
Lipase, protease, enzyme activating factor and so on; light-grey powder form
Main functions
1Improve the activity of various digestive enzymes in alimentary canal of piglets, promote the digestion and absorption for many nutrients (such as fat, protein and so on) , increase feed intake and meet requirements for high energy rations
2 Promote piglets growth performance, improve average daily gain and feed efficiency by 10%-15%; decrease feed conversion ratio by 8~15% with highly economical benefits
3 Reduce weaning irritability of piglets, decrease diarrhea of piglets, reduce enteron disease of piglets and improve survival rate
4 Improve the quality of meat products and reduce usage of antibiotics
5 Improve piglets skin and hair appearance quality in maintenance of pigs healthy
Weaning piglets, young pigs
Using method
Firstly mix lipacin e3011 with ome feed ingredients well, then add the mixture to completed feeds. The inclusion rate is recommended as 1,000-1,200 g per metric ton of complete feeds
Storage and shelf life
Store in a dry, ventilation and shaded place to avoid high temperature and humidity. The shelf life is one year at low temperature, 8 months at normal temperature. The product is easy to absorb humidity, it is best to use out once de-packaged. It should avoid high temperature above 60 c degrees and a long storage with mineral premix
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Model Number
Lipacin E3011
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