Sell feed addtitives for Specific Aquafeeds

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Main components
Lipase, protease, enzyme activating factor and so on; light-grey powder form

Main functions
1 Supplement the lack of endogenous digestive enzymes in various aquatic animals
2 Improve digestive enzyme system of alimentary canal of animals;
3 Enhance digestion utilization ratio of nutrients of feeds such as fat and protein,
4 Reduce feed coefficient; degrade anti-nutrient factor of feeds, enhance feed conversion rate;
5 Reduce nutrient drainage of dejection, reduce the organic substance pollution into water environment, improve feeding environment;
6 Accelerate the growth of animal, improve the quality of meat products and enhance economic benefit of breeding.
Certain aquatic animals such as eel and turtle
Add 1500-2000 g per metric ton of feeds
Storage and shelf life
Store in the dry, ventilation and shaded place to avoid high temperature and humidity. The shelf life is one year
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Model Number
Lipacin E3012
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
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