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Product Description
Product quality:
Full hardening Wc spray coating screw, PTA bimetallic Alloy Screw, Elecroplating screw & Ordinary Nitrided Screw.
Product Feature
Screw ( material: HPT1. HPT2. HPT3 ) HPT1 is suitable for nylon, PVC, PC, aldehyde resin,
glass, transparent acrylic, polycarbonate resin etc. HPT2 is suitable for Bakelite,
PC+glass fibre, magnetic powder, porcelain powder, aluminum and magnesium powder, iron
powder, electric plastic machinery etc. HPT3 possesses two unique features that HPT1
and HPT2 have possesses, i. e. (wear-proof, corrosion-proof, heatproof, high-pressure
proof and high-speed proof) . The above three materials ( bimetallic screw is called
fully hard screw abroad ) replaced common bimetallic material and being widely used
Product Specification / Models
Processing Dimensions:External Diameter-form Min16mm Max 250mm, length:8000mm
Injection Moulding , Machine , both horizontal & vertical type. Bakelite moulding machine.
Product Description

Bimetal barrel:
Twin metal grade:A grade :Wc35%
B grade:Wc25%
C grade:Wc9.5%
Alloys rigidity:HRC600-700
Applied range for plastic :Applied to special engineering plastic such as kinds of glass fiber additives, plastic and PAA, PPS, LCP, Procelain powder and PEL
Ordinary nitrided barrel:
Nitric depth :1mm
Surface rigidity :HV9500 and above
Applied range for plastic :Normal plastic , PP, PPS, ABS, PC, PMMA
Product Specification / Models
Processing Dimension:
For ordinary nitrided barrel: Internal Diameter 16mm to 250mm. Length:6000mm,
For bimetal barrel: Internal Diameter 16mm to 150mm. length:4000mm.
Injection moulding machine both horizontal&vertical type, Extrusion moulding machine . Any rubber and plastic moulding machine.
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1 set
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