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This is a caffeine free natural, herbal slimming tea with a unique blend of green teas that act to detoxify the body, reduce excessive fat whilst aiding the bowels. Beware of cheap imitations!
Directions for use:
The ingredients of the tea bags:
Folium gemmae camelliae sinensis 30%
Folium nelumbins 25%
Semen cassiae 20%
Retinervus luffae fructus 12%
Pericarpimu citri reticulatae viride 8%
Semen coicis 5%
Lace one teabag into a cup and add hot water. Drink once a day to begin with and then increase to twice a day. Each box contains 40 tea bags.
One tea bag is soaked in approx 150ml-200ml of boiled water for 5-10 mins. Take one cup of
Tea one hour later after the heavy meal in the first 5-7 days. Afterwards, 2-4 cups of tea
With the same teabag during a day may be applied to increase the effect.
No milk! Honey is allowed according to your personal preference.
40 tea bags for 40 days (one can be used for a day) and 3 gram / bag
Not suitable for pregnancy and children.