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Fermented Seaweed fertilizer "Power" is natural organic foliar fertilizer produced by two-phase fermentation.

The most advantage of fermented seaweed extract fertilizer is the multiformity of the end product, which can be completely easily absorbed by plants, especially the natural bioactive substances in seaweed are furthest maintained in the end product.

Liquid seaweed fertilizer "Power" contains rich various nutrients of alginic acids, 20 kinds of protein amino acids, plant growth regulators (auxins, cytokinin and gibberellins etc. ) , vitamin, nucleotides, humic acids and counter-stresses genes, as well as macro elements and microelements (N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S, Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn, Mo, B etc. ) , which can be easily absorbed by plants, and bioactive substances that stimulate plant growth.

Particularly, heavy metal content in "Power" is allowed by legislation in any country.

Therefore, Seaweed fertilizer "Power" is a perfect fertilizer converging nutrients, bioactive substances and counter-stresses genes, which are from completely nature seaweed extracts.

1. Complete nutrients are furthest maintained by using specific biological techniques.
2. High concentration and low application rate: 240-720ml/ha.
3. Best material source, without contamination to the environment.
4. Good efficacy: the ratio of input to output is 1:10-50.
5. Reducing application of chemical fertilizer, pesticides and labor intensity.

[Direction for use]
1. Foliar spray: spraying 2000-2500 times dilute of "Power" onto plant leaves, flowers and fruits, spraying at interval of 15-20 days.
2. Irrigation: pouring 3000-4000 times dilute of "Power" into soil around the roots.
3. Seed soaking: soaking seeds with 1000times dilute of "Power".