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we can provide you this product at two different standards : feed grade and pharmaceutical grade.
[Molecular Formula]: C4H2FeO4
[Molecular Weight]: 169.9024
[Physical Properties]: Red-orange or red -brown powder, odorless, tasteless, slightly soluble in water , slightly soluble in alcohol

[Usage]: It is a kind of anti -anemia medicine, used to cure iron-deficiency anemia . It is also used as feed additives
[Packaging]: 25Kg/drum
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IRON SALTS (e. g. , ferrous sulfate, ferrous gluconate, ferrous fumerate, carbonyl iron) are iron supplements. Iron is a mineral needed by your body to make new red blood cells. Iron also helps red blood cells function. Red blood cells carry oxygen to all of your body tissues. There are many different kinds of iron supplements. However, extra iron should only be taken under the advice of a health care professional. Adults or kids with anemia due to low iron levels or a low red blood cell count may be prescribed iron. Pregnant women in their last 36 months of pregnancy may need to take extra iron, but should only take iron if their doctor tells them to. Do not treat yourself with iron if you are feeling tired or fatigued. Most healthy people get adequate iron in their diets, particularly if they eat fortified cereals, meat, poultry, and fish. Generic iron tablets are available.