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Fiber Optical Patch Cords

Application :

Unionor Fiber Optical Patch Cords provide the highest level of connectivity for all your fiber interconnect applications. All fiber patch and cord Manufactued with OFNR tiser grsde cable and 100% factory tested to ensure performance to IA/EIA 568-B-3 standards

Available in a wide range of lengths with a variety pf connector options ST/ST, SC/SC, FC, MTRJ, LC, MTP, MU, FDDI, ESCON, D4, BICONIC, SMA 906-905 hybrid Patch Cords are available in both multimode (62.5/125um and 50/125um) and single mode cable-types, in duplex and simplex versions.


 Excellent Return loss
 100% Percent optically Tested
 Ultra low insertion loss
 Single Mode and Multimode
 Simplex and Duplex
 Test Result including upon request
 2mm,3mm and 900um
We offer standard length 1,2,3,4 Meters, if custom length is needed just give us a call

FC, SC, ST, LC and MU FC, SC, , ST, FC, SC, ST, LC and MU FC and SC FC and SC MTRJ MPO/MTP
PC UPC APC APC ------ ---------
Multimode Insertion loss <=0.4dB <=0.3dB ------ <=0.4dB <=0.4dB <=0.75dB
Return loss <=25dB <=35dB ------- <=20dB <=20dB <=20dB
Single Mode Insertion loss <=0.4dB <=0.3dB <=0.3dB <=0.5dB <=0.5dB <=0.75dB
Return loss <=40dB <=50dB <=60dB <=35dB <=35dB <=035dB