Sell fiber optic patchcords

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HKT would appreciate the opportunity to serve your Fiber Optic needs.

HKT generates customer satisfaction by:
1) Being a full service, single source supplier of fiber optic cable assemblies and connectivity products.
2) Focusing on quality and consistency of product.
3) Demonstrating a commitment to service.
4) Developing strong lasting relationships with customers.
Some key reasons for selecting HKT:
1) HKT is ISO 9001 compliant.
2) HKT has automated its manufacturing facility and continuously monitors its equipment to ensure that it produces a product of the highest quality. By using automated cutting machines, cable strippers and polishing machines we have standardized our products and product quality. This translates into products that provide long lasting performance.
3) All polishing is done by machine.
4) HKT uses . Norland front coaxial interferometer Inspection System, Westover optical fiber surface cleaning detector and Video Fiber Microscopes, NTT Return Loss & Insertion Loss Meter AR-10 etc.
5) HKT ensures compliance with Telcordia GR-326-COR- Issue 3 requirements with its DORC (Direct Optical Research Corporation) ZX-1PMS Interferometer System. This system provides radius of curvature, apex offset, angle, fiber height and surface roughness information allowing HKT to provide the highest quality processes and products.
6) HKT delivers tested products at very competitive prices.
7) HKT will support your Fiber Optic technical needs. HKT has experienced Fiber Optic Engineers on staff. We develop solutions for specialty fiber applications on an ongoing basis.
8) HKT can provide you with super, ultra and APC polish single mode cable assemblies, attenuators, patch cords, connectors, adapters and other connectivity products
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