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fiber optical switch
Low Insertion Loss
Wide Wavelength Range
Low Back Reflection
High Reliability, High dependability
Latching and Non-latching Type
Unique Patented Technology
No glue in the route

Configurable OADM
Metropolitan Area Networks
System Monitoring
Component Testing
R&D in Laboratory

AA -FSW-1W2 Optical Switch, which is famous for its high performance, has low insertion loss (Typical<=0.5dB, Max<=0.8dB) , and compact dimension :(L)27.0W(W)12.6W(H)8.5.
It is an ideal Component for OADM, OXC, system monitoring and error protection. With compact package size, it can be easy to integrate into a high density optical communication system.

Wavelength Range nm 532~980 (SM/MM) 670~980 (SM/MM) 12601620 (MM) 12601620 (SM)
Testing Wavelength nm 532/785/850/980 670/785/850/980 1310/1490/1550/1625 1310/1490/1550/1625
Insertion Loss dB Typ:1.0 Max:1.6 Typ:0.6 Max:1.2 Typ:0.6 Max:0.8 Typ:0.5 Max:0.8
Return Loss dB SM>=50, MM>=30
Cross-Talk dB SM>=55, MM>=35
PDL dB <=0.05
WDL dB <=0.25
TDL dB dB <=0.25
Repeatability dB <=10.02
Operating Voltage V 3.0 or 5.0
Durability(Life) times >=107
Switching Time ms Bar->Cross<=3 Cross->Bar<=5
Transmission Power mw <=500
Operating Temperature 0 -20~+70
Storage Temperature 0 -40~+85
Weight g 16
Dimension mm (L)27.0W(W)12.6W(H)8.5
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