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AB-D series video/audio/data fiber optics adopts digital communication mode. One channel or multiple channel video/audio/data signals (RS232/RS485 /RS422, telephone, switch, 10M/100M Ethernet signal) is carried out over fibers. The products contain cost-effective commercial quality system; High benefit 10BIT digital non-compress broadcast quality transmission system, and Loop thru video application with MPEG-4 and H. 263 technology. 1. Powerful anti-interference ability, high reliability, stability, and operating under any environment. 2. Flexible multiplex and integrated communication ability AB-D series fiber optics provides multiple products. 64 channel video, 128 channel audio, 64 channel duplex data (DC-256KBPS) , 10M/100M Ethernet and N channel telephone signals can be carried out over a single fiber simultaneously. CCTV system, computer network and telephone network can be connected together with this type fiber optics. 3. High quality and effective cost AB-D series fiber optics features perfect sync digital fiber transmission technology, TDMA/WAMA and broadcast video quality with effective cost. 4. 10BIT digital non compress vides transmission AB-D series fiber optics features advanced 10-BIT A/D and D/A technologies for high resolution, stable and non-loss video signal. 5. Intelligent network management. AB-D series fiber optics provides an optional network management module, in which a processor and a DIPswitch are built to test and storage the information of operating temperature, alarm status, video/audio and data status etc. Each module is connected to network management module with RS-485 bus. The information from fiber optics can be seen in PC screen with network management software while the module and PC are connected via RS-232 port directly or via Ethernet, which greatly decrease Mean Time To Repair and improve the effective of video network as well. 6. Multilevel self loop recover AB-D series fiber optics features MPEG-4 and H. 263 video compress technologies for the solution of self-loop recover system, which greatly improve the stability and reliability. II. AB-D series fiber optics Classification 1. Single-mode/multi-mode fiber optics: AB-D series fiber optics can be classified single mode and multi mode fiber optics. Generally, the optics signals can be carried out in single mode fiber to tens of kilometers, and some of AB fiber optics can realize non-relay transmission up to 100KM. 2. Video/audio/data integrated fiber optics: AB-D series fiber optics can be classified data (RS-232/RS-422/Manchester/TTL/switch signal etc. ) fiber optics, video fiber optics, audio fiber optics, video/audio/data fiber optics (it can carry out video, audio, data, RS-232/RS-422/Manchester/TTL/switch signal etc. ) , 10M/100M Ethernet data fiber optics and video/communication integrated fiber optics (it can carry out video, audio, data, 10M/100M Ethernet data and telephone signal as well) . 3. Stand-alone/Plug-in/standard fiber optics (Dimension is shown in digital fiber optics appendix) : Stand-alone: Stand-alone fiber optics can be applied in the system whose remote equipments are separate. In addition, the external power supply is necessary in this converter. Plug-in AB plug-in module can be ed the 19 chassis, which can provide 16 slots. The plug-in fiber optics is mostly applied in system control center for it is easy to install and maintain. Standard AB standard fiber optics can be used also.

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