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Power chopped strand mat is an unwoven fabric consisting of randomly distributed chopped strand held together with a power binder.


Mat width ranges from 50mm to 3120mm , uniform density ensures consistent fiberglass content and mechanical properties of the end products. The mats feature good mat integrity, low fuzz, less material waste and small roll diameter. Excellent flexibility ensures good mold ability with no spring back at sharp angles. Fast and consistent wet-out speed in resins and rapid air lease enhance molding productivity and mechanical properties of the end products. The end products have high dry and wet tensile strength and good transparency.


Each chopped strand mat is wound onto a paper tube and then wrapped up with plastic film, which can be packed in a cardboard box or wrapped up with kraft paper. The rolls are to be horizontally placed.
Rolls can be loaded into a container directly or on pallets.

Order attention:

(Please specify following information in the order)
1. Please indicate type.
2. Width.
3. Total volume.
4. Please noted if any special requirements.


If no special requirements, it should be stored in the dry and cool place. Don't open the package before using to prevent absorbing moisture.
Supply Capacity
150,000 ton/year
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Terms of Payment
L/C at sight or T/T etc.
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