Sell fiberglass E-glass needle mat , punched felt/knitted mat

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Zibo Sanyu Composite Material Science & Technology Ltd , China based manufacturer and exporter of fiberglass chopped strand mat needle mat , provide its clients 6500 tons superior E-CSM in various sizes , such as ,225/300/450/ 600/900 g/m2 and the width is 970/1000/1040/1250/1270/2540/2600mm etc, powder or emulsion bonded.
Fiberglass needle mat
This product uses E glass fiber roving as the raw materials while each strand is chopped into a 2~3 inch fraction via the fiber cutting machine and further decomposed into extreme tiny blanket shape through the cotton carding engine. Subsequently, the needled fabrics are ceaselessly sewn by thousands of needles.
It is characterized by heat-resistance, tensile strength, tenacity fireproofing, anti-erosion, and good electrical insulation. The adoption of extreme tiny E glass fiber followed by particular needling leads to numerous thin holes with the fiberglass blanket so as to provide heat-insulation and sound-absorbency.
Thickness 3mm-25mm
Density 100 kg/m3 -200 kg/m3
Width below 1350mm
Thermal Conductive 0.0300kcal/m hr C
Heat Resisting below 800 C

Unit weight (g/m2) 113% Thikness (mm) 115% Width (mm)1000-2200 Roll lenth (m) 115%
200 2 1000-2200 40
300 3 1000-2200 40
400 4 1000-2200 40
500 5 1000-2200 40
600 5.5 1000-2200 30
700 6 1000-2200 30
800 6.5 1000-2200 30
900 7 1000-2200 30
1000 7.5 1000-2200 30
1500 12 1000-2200 20
2000 14 1000-2200 20

--Subsequent to being dipped into the resin and next processed into lath shapes, the fiberglass blanket is applicable to building construction and gaskets of air conditioners for heat insulation and noise elimination
--Subsequent to the laminating for aluminum foil and PVC fabrics on the surface and next being processed into straps, it is provided for thermal insulation and protection of cold / hot piping and underground pipes.
--Employed as heat-resistant, tensile, waterproof, anti-erosion materials including heat proofing of engine hoods, cars mufflers, thermal insulation materials of industrial boiler sand being able to replace expensive fully-importing asbestos goods.

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Supply Capacity
550 MT per Month
ISO 9001
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pure white
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1.04W68 sqm
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20 days
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10 MT
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L/C at sight ,T/T,etc