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1. Feature: TYDA fiberglass sound absorption ceiling uses fiberglass with high quality as base material. It has high sound absorption coefficient, good heat preservation & heat insulation performance, good fireproof performance, excellent levelness and unique character on decoration. TYDA is helpful to improve indoor sound environment, develop the functions of buildings, increase working and lift quality , and benefit people's health and safety. TYDA is a high grade new type ceiling material in the world, which is suitable for interior space with not only moderate or high hospitals, governmental office buildings and business office buildings, super shopping centers, etc.
2. Light weight: with light weight, TYDA can reduce the load on ceiling of building, therefore, it is easy to move and install and reduce the factors that not safety.
3. Fireproof: TYDA meets grade "A" incombustibility of national fireproof ceiling material.
4. Sound reduction : The sound absorption coefficient (NRC) of TYDA is around 1.0, therefore, sound wave will not reflect on its surface, which can effectively control and adjust indoor reverberation time, reduce noise and improve timbre.
5. Damp-proof: With its excellent damp-proof performance, fiberglass doesn't absorb wet from the air. As a result, the levelness of the material will not overall change in wet environment.
6.300mmx300mm 300mmx600mm 300mmx1200mm 300mmx1800mm
400mmx400mm 400mmx1200mm 400mmx1800mm
500mmx500mm 500mmx1000mm 500mmx1500mm
600mmx600mm 600mmx1200mm 600mmx1800mm
7. The above mentioned products can be processed to solid leveled ceiling, invisible colluded ceiling or other special type according to client's requirements.
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