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HIGOAL opaque corrugated panel was originally developed in response to the harsh conditions, which requires products can withstand corrosive chemicals and high temperature.
Though it was produced by the same line as FRP skylight panel but it requires much more professional knowledge that seldom producer can meet while HIGOAL reached. Cooperating with HIGOAL, you never need worry about duties, shipping costs, customs, import brokers, language barriers, or even quality. We can provide best efficient solution for you.
Characteristics of opaque panel
1, HIGOAL is the first one(up to 2007) who apply fiberglass technique to the production of opaque panel in China. Comparing with FRP skylight panel, it has better strength and weather resistance.
2, Under the same condition, the FRP opaque panel with 2mm thickness has lower cost and better performance than the stainless steel panel with 0.6mm thickness.
3, The structure, types and molding are mostly equal to skylight panel, the different is that its fiberglass content has been improved by 30% higher than FRP panels which enhanced the strength greatly.
HIGOAL FRP ridge panel is produced continuously, it is easy to cut and install. Common structures as below pictures shown, we can also produce any custom sections and sizes as required
Corrosion resistance
Translucent / opaque corrugated panel has better property of corrosion resistant than clading panel and stainless steel, it was designed for the harsh conditions, which require products that can withstand corrosive chemicals, high temperature.
Because the FRP opaque panel is used for roof material of building, it does not touch directly with acid or alkali liquid; therefore, it can be used for long time under acid and alkali condition.
In recent years, HIGOAL FRP opaque panels are mainly applied to the renewing of old steel panel or the replacement of PVC, PC plastic panel. If you are still worrying about the renewing or replacement of old panel, HIGOAL is your best choice!
Corrosion & chemical resistant property
HIGOAL has made tests on over 50 different chemicals as detailed as possible. However, since chemicals of different brands vary greatly, users still have to perform repeatedly, test carefully in your own environment, This table is provided as a guider to the application and is not or does not represent a specific warranty of its performance. The designer or user must determine the suitability of this product for a specific application.
HIGOAL can manufacture for special purposed translucent / opaque corrugated panels resistant to strong acids, alkali and high-concentration organic solvents.