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The fiberglass door is known for its longer (50 more) service life, comparing wooden or steel doors, much lighter weight, 4-5 times the duability, 40-50 times the temperature keeeping ability, extremely low hydroscopicity, green evironmental protection, also lower price, firmer, noble, elegance, damp-proof, noise insulation, healthier, wet-keeping, paint-free maintenance, resouces save, never out of shape, fire-retardant performance, in a word, perfect substitute of tradional doors and applicable indoor and outdoor; could add grain wood, multi-color selection (no extra fee) , multi shapes and sizes selection. Our doors are produced by 1800T mould pressing equipment.

Standard size: 79 x 35.75 x 1.75 inch, could be customized; 96 inch high is also available for garage or hall main door. Also door skins alone could be sold. Please check the attached picture.

Construction: Composed of PVC buckling strip, LVL frame, SMC door skin, polyurethane sparkle and PVC sparkle. The products are reliable and durable because the door adopts the SMC mould plastic, goes through high temperature, high- pressure mould to form face board, then undertakes assembled processing, the inside empty part is filled with ammonia forms sparkle and the surface is sprayed.

Technical parameters: (JB7770-95)
1. density SMC-1, SMC-2, SMC-3:1.75--1.95 g/cm
2. hydroscopicity SMC-1, SMC-2:<=20 Mg; SMC-3: --
3. Mould shrinking percentage SMC-1, SMC-2: <=0.15%; SMC-3: <=0.30%
4. electrothermic type temperature (A) method SMC-1, SMC-2: >=2400; SMC-3: >=2200
5. impact strength SMC-1:>=90KJ/m2; SMC-2:>=60KJ/m2; SMC-3:>=45 KJ/m2
6. bending strength SMC-1:<=170MPa; SMC-2:>=150MPa; SMC-3:>=135 MPa
7. insulation resistance SMC-1, SMC-2:>=1.0W10(Ohms) ; SMC-3:>=1.0W10 (Ohms)
SMC-1, SMC-2:>=1.0W10(Ohms) ; SMC-3:--
8. electric appliance strength SMC-1, SMC-2:>=12.0MV/m; SMC-3:>=10.0MV/m
9. amboceptor wastage factor(IMH2) SMC-1, SMC-2:<=1.015; SMC-3:--
10. Relative specific inductive capacity (SIC) SMC-1, SMC-2:<=4.5; SMC-3:--
11. arc proof SMC-1, SMC-2:>=180S; SMC-3:>=150 S
12. creepage restrain and crack generation index >=600 V
13. combustibility SMC-1, SMC-2:FVO; SMC-3: --
14. Long-term thermotolerance temperature index SMC-1, SMC-2:155; SMC-3: 130

Plus we also provide SMC flaky mould plastics, SMC insulator plank, SMC laminated mold plastic and other SMC original materials, which are the main material to produce the mould pressing glass fibre strengthened plastic products, used in such areas as automobile: face guard, bumper; construction material: glass doors, water tank, rough chair, cleaners and polishes; high/low voltage insulating parts for electrical apparatus.

You are welcomed for request of quotation and other detailed info, and also welcomed to visit our factory base and production line.

Albert Li